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BOSCH Project


Location: Yakeshi Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia

Project Scale:

Period: Sep,2018-Nov,2018

Project Name: BOSCH Project

Project Description

Ark designed and constructed this project for Bosch China. Started in Sep 2018 and handed over in Nov,2018, included a dining facility for 60 staffs ,10 Charging Boxes and 1 smoking room.

Totally 18 x 20ft cabins and 30 x 16ft cabins has been supplied, they were combined together by Ark system with well insulation and water proofing.


This project located in Inner Mongolia, where the temperature dropped to -50℃ so it have high requirements on the insulation of the whole building, 100mm mineral wool insulation and 3 layers of hallow glass panel as well as high quality heating system were usd to get a high R value to keep the indoor temperature always above 20℃.


As required by the client, the internal & external finishing need to be similar with traditional decoration, so slope roof structure and cement board cladding has been used to get a nice exterior vision, also wooden color wall paper and PVC vinyl were used to get a warm feeling.


Glass panels were used as a whole wall to get more lights inside.


Ark also supplied 10 sets of Charging Boxes, as there will be testing for electrical cars in the extreme cold conditions, so 3 x 16ft cabins were combined together with a auto-controled lifting door and charging system.


Above all, Ark has a nice solution for extreme cold areas, and felixible design for different facilities, we can use same products for dining facilities and charging boxes etc.

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