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Bingo Box Project


Location: Mainland, China

Project Scale:

Period: Sep,2017-now

Project Name: Bingo Box Project

Project Description

Bingo Box is the leader of unmanned super market in China, who have equiped thousand of communities all over China with unmaned supermarket boxes.

Ark is one of major supplier of Bingo Box and have supplied over 200 boxes from Sep,2017 till now.


To meet the client’s requirement, Ark has made some modification on our standard design, more glass elements has been used on these boxes as well as second ceiling, more attention has been paid to low volt electrical design for the equipments.


Ark also provided installation and after sale service in North and east area of China, every cabin will be handed over within 1 day afte delivered to site, and no crane needed for installation.


Deep cooperation with Bingo Box has been developed, Ark is doing a research to produce Aluminum frame boxes which will make it lighter.

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