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History of ‘Ark’ brand

Noah saved his family and birds and animals on earth by constructing an Ark to combat the catastrophic flood that God produced to destroy all evil on earth. The Ark Noah created withheld the flood for the 115 days and nights and finally succeeded. Later on a brand new civilization was also formed.The story deep in the heart of ARKers as our corporate culture, we have dedicated ARK to making the most robust modular building structure while helping those in need through humanitarian and disaster relief efforts in recognition of Noah's Ark. 

Based on this story, brand name ARK was created, aimed to provide one-stop space & modular building solutions to the customers, including providing necessary accessory parts related to the prefab housing. 

VisionTo be the most innovative and sustainable modular building company in the world whilst supporting those in need through humanitarian and disaster relief. 

MissionCreate, Innovate and Manufacture sustainable building structures that provide unparalleled comfort to our occupants with an unrivaled service offering to our clients.

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