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Weiwu highway central laboratory Project


Location: Dingxi, Gansu Province,China

Project Scale:

Period: Jun,2018-Jul,2018

Project Name: Weiwu highway central laboratory Project

Project Description

Ark has build Lab for Gansu traffic planning and design institute year 2016, on year 2018 Ark helped the client to move the lab to 200km away and rebuilt it together with another block of office for the construction of Weiwu Highway.

This project contains 42 x 20ft cabins & 4 x 16ft cabins & 4 x 10ft cabins, 28 cabins of them was moved from previous project. There is also 2 stairs and a 30 m2 deck with glass capony. Full glass panels has been used to get the front side all glass, to form a nice view from front side and get more lights.

This project located in Dingxi, which is city in Northwest of China, the temperature in winter will drop to -10℃, to keep indoor temperature, double layer vacuum glass were used.

Due to the limited time frame for this project, Ark handed over this project within 1 month from design stage, professional construction teams were sent to desmantle and rebuild the building, 99% of materials were re-used to save cost.

From this project, Ark has cooperated with the client to get a full highway central laboratory solution, it will be a turn-key solution which include the design and construction; after sale service; professional equipments etc. The removability is also what Ark can provide as it will need to be moved every 1 or 2 years.

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