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Singapore F1 Project


Location: Singapore

Project Scale:

Period: JULY,2018-SEP,2018

Project Name: Singapore F1 Project

Project Description

Ark supplied the kitchens to Steward, who is the subcontractor of Singapore F1. This project was built for the 15 F1 teams as crib room.


Totally 28 x 20ft cabins has been supplied, each 2 of them were combined together as a crib room with Ark connection system. After the Fomula 1 these cabins will be used for other purpose like mobile restaurants for other events.


The time frame of this project is very tight, Ark also provide the construction supervisor and handed over within 2 month which included 15 days shipping. The client were happy with the high efficient as the facilities were completed 1 week before the event start.


Ark cabins will be a good solution for the events like F1, as it can be built very fast and reusable. Except sales, Ark also provide rent service for such project.

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