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South Africa Office


Location: Johnnesburg

Project Scale:

Period: 9/2010---10/2010

Project Name: South Africa Office Building

Project Description

This project is for the office building of ARK's agent In Johannesburg, South Africa, aimed to build up an office building featured by good environment, convenient accessibility. multifunction and popularity. :t p:ans 124 m2 in area shaped as a north-south rectangle. The building is a double-story with balcony and overroofs.



General Layout:

in order to make the building harmonious with the surroundings, this project starts with an overall perspective and bases on reasonable evacuation principle, matched with proper function areas. Based on the confirmed drawing, this building was meant to be built as a rectangle double-story. Terrain Situation was carefully considered during prefabrication so that perfect space solutions could be come up with. Within the building, both room spaces and public areas were reasonably allocated which indicated ARK units' merits on space solutions. And the partitioned private office rooms gave the officers a true feeling of possession. in addition, all the units were painted green in accordance with the surroundings.


Function Areas:

Various function areas were clearly layed out on the plans, which made the officers convenient to deal with their own matter and to fix problems. The whole building appeared comfortable. And it's facing the south. sunk with sunlight and absorbing fresh air, making the best use of the space.


Convenient Traffic:

Around the building the ways for both the vehicles and people were reasonably designed. Vehicle ways run a circle outside the office block, with the parking areas around. And the emergency exits were considerately designed so there would be a full cover of fire protection.


Cost Saving:

Under the certain budget, Ark units on this project saved not only the costs, but also the space.


Landscape Plans:

Both man-made and natural landscapes were planed around the building With decent matching effect.


Building Structure:

The color of the building frames was carefully considered in order to properly match with local environment. All the units were painted green in frames and white in walls, which made the units seem vibrant. People would feel fresh seeing the simplified trims. What's more, the two stories had their own features with similar structures. And the overroofs were not only water proofing, but good-looking.



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