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Ghana Project


Location: Tema Ghana

Project Scale:

Period: 09/2011-11/2011

Project Name: Costal Offices

Project Description

The client on this project is one of the biggest container dealers in Belgium. immediate but reasonable space and mobile office solutions have been given to the client after frustrating but detailed and solved discussions.



There are two office areas, one with twelve 20' flatpack units and the other with twenty-two 20' flatpacks. both of Which are combined units; and the serving area is composed of kitchen/mess, laundry and storage roams, nineteen 20' units in total; the accommodation area is built up by twenty 20' single units which are designed with sanitary rooms inside and by 3 other units for shared sanitary and storage units.


Providing 76 units in total for this project's space solution, ARK has sent professional building team to support the construction on site, including the professional electricians for proper and more secure electricity installations. As a result. ARK staff have also learnt a lot about the market in Africa, like the standards situation and the mobile units marketing.




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