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KUSH Project


Location: North of Khartoum , Sudan

Project Scale: 2860 m2 in area over roof

Period: 2015/01-2015/03

Project Name: KUSH Project

Project Description

Ark provides modular building solutions for a wide variety of industries. We serve as your general contractor, offering an alternative to traditional construction methods and providing complete support on each project.

Kush project was another turn-key case to Ark for a mining giant company from Russia.

Kush camp consists of a whole prefab building made up of 10 sub-blocks, including Office Block, VIP Block, 2-people Block, Kitchen & Mess Block, and six 4-people Blocks, all of which had been linked together with corridor units.

Among them, there were 2 VIP rooms (exclusive sanitary rooms with water heater) and 16 x 2-people rooms both of which were accommodated with TV sets, 60 x 4-people rooms, 8 x lockers rooms, 4 x storage rooms, 4 x laundry rooms with 16 washing machines, 5 x toilets rooms and 5 x showers rooms. All sleeper rooms had been accommodated with King Beds (for VIP and 2-people rooms) and Bunk beds (for 4-people rooms), writing desks and chairs, and AC sets.

In the Office Block, there are Boss Office, Conference rooms, Managers Offices and Public Offices. Each of the office room had been furnished with office desks and chairs, and filing cabinets. The communication control room, including the fire alarm control unit, was also stationed within this building.

In the Kitchen & Mess Block, kitchen equipments including the refrigerators, kitchen fan, and electrical ovens had been properly layout and connected to power; so were the dining table and chairs.

There was one secondary level general power panel for each two sleepers block, with Office and Kitchen & Mess blocks their own ones. In addition, there was one 300L water heater supplied in each showers room.

As a whole building with long straight corridors, Kush camp is resistant to the extremely hot weather and dusty environment on site.

The client was satisfied with the camp building’s finishing work, for which they were eager to move in. Due to the flexible function of Ark modular cabins, the client also wants to change the lockers’ rooms into sleepers rooms to increase the volume of accommodated persons.

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