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Project in Papua New Guinea


Location: Komo, PNG

Project Scale:

Period: 11/2010-11/2011


Project Description

The PNG LNG Project is a 6.6 million tonne per annum (MTPA) integrated LNG project operated by Esso Highlands Limited, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation. The gas will be sourced from the Hides, Angore and Juha gas fleidS and from associated gas in the Kutubu, Agogo, Moran and Gobe Main oil field.



The PNG LNG project which commenced early works operations back in 2010 is now in full swing with Ark Prefab being at the forefront of this unprecedented 15 billion USD project with partner OCS International. Ark Prefab's initial Involvement In the PNG LNG project relates to the design, supply and construct of both the pioneer and main camps for the EPC5B contract for the Komo Airfield. Commissioned by partner OCS International in Nov 2011 to client MCJV (Macdows & CCC) on behalf of Esso Highlands (Exxon Mobil) the main Komo Airfield camp, comprising of several multi-story accommodation blocks can facilitate over 1000 men and is over 15,000 sqm under roof. The accommodation blocks in the main camp include senior management, junior management and workers style accommodation. In addition, a kitchen/mess facility, medical facility, site   Office, machinery zone warehouse, gymnasium, laundry facility and numerous recreation facilities have been   provided amongst other structures.



Commencement of the main camp's construction works started In April 2010 however due to several logistical delays with Inland transporting hundreds of containers through the rugged highlands of PNG without a secure road network and ensuring peace and harmony with the local located in one of the most severe torrential rain regions on the globe certainly hampered a continuous flow on with the construction e efforts. Not without its challenges the project which is now deemed a success by all Involved provided Ark the opportunity to work with partner OCS international on several innovative product developments utilising the flat pack product to create large clear span spaces which were required in both the site office and mess facility along   With a unique internal Stair design for the accommodation blocks and the site office. The construction of the pioneer and main camps was undertaken by both ARK Prefab constructors, Australian expats supplied by partner OCS International and a selection of the local indigenous PNG people In the Komo region. The project provided Invaluable experience to Ark Prefab engineers, electricians, plumbers and general contractors and also demonstrates our capability to provide large scale full turn key solutions to our clients In difficult regions.



There are two camps constructed, Pioneer Camp and Main Camp with about 700 ARK units built:
1. Pioneer Camp about 100 Ark units;
2. Main Camp about 600 Ark units.


Pioneer Camp

As it was still in the beginning period, it was not so easy to extend the grounds in the Pioneer that most of the Ark buildings were done in one level. and the units were stacked onto the concrete foundations row to row. There are:
- 10 Senior Accommodation Units;
- 40 Junior Accommodation Units;
- 12 Mess/Kitchen Units;
- 20 0ffice Accommodation Units;
- 2 Laundry Units;
- 1 Guard House;
- 2 Medical Facilities Units;
- 2 Ablution Blocks;
- 3 Storage Units and others.


Main Camp

As it was progressed, most of the builders on site were getting more and more familiar with what they are doing, and the Ark accommodations buildings were built to what they should be like. Most of the Ark buildings are Double-Level blocks with stairways and over-roofs on top.
There are:
- 2 Double-Level Senior Blocks(24-Unit Block);
- 3 00uble-Level Junior Blocks(20-Unit Block);
- 1 Management Laundry Block(4 units combined);
- 1 Management Recreation Block(18 units combined);
- 1 Mess/Kitchen Higher Block(42 units combinec0;
- 1 Laboratory Block(4 units combined);
- 1 Medical Facilities Block(9 units combined);
- 5 Double-Level Workers Blocks(32-Unit Block);
- 1 Workers Laundry Block(6 units combined);
- 1 Workers Recreation Block04 units combined);
- 1 Workers Recreation & Camp Shopper Block06 units combined);
- 1 Workers Mess/Kitchen(42-Unit Block);
- 1 0fficers Block(84-Unit Block with over-roofs);
and there are some more Senior Villa Units built onto the row-to-row concrete foundations.

In addition, some other single ARK units are put somewhere else in the Airfield Zones for emergency or office usages, owing to the flexibility of these modular buildings.


"The Ark products are really good for camp solutions: they are easy to build, flexible in combination and what's most attractive is that they are modular in the structures; like in this camp, we've built two stories, one stories, most of them are with overroof and internal stairways, which is really convenient."

—— Cassius Ruka, Construction Supervisor, MCJV