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World Expo

Client: Shanghai Expo Bureau

Location: Shanghai Expo Park

Project Scale:

Period: 3/2010-5/2010

Project Name:

Project Description

As the leading supplier of modular buildings, ARK was the official supplier of modular houses for 2010 World Expo Shanghai. ARK modular units have been used as various houses all over the expo areas such as construction workshops, pavilions warehouses, temporary ticketing rooms, marketing rooms and even guard houses during the periods of Expo preparation, Expo pavilions construction, Expo durations and Expo pavilions dismantle.



There were 700 ARK modular units used for Expo from preparing period to ending days within three years, which could also show World Expo Shanghai 2010 is environmentally as these units have never generated any construction rubbish but provided recyclable temporary building solutions, and was highly thought of by Shanghai Expo Bureau and consulates and contractors from the attending nations. Beforehand, German contractor for building Germany Pavilion thought It was impossible to find modular buildings for the site offices in China, but they were used ARK modular units. Then they had a deep investigation on ARK units and decided to purchase the ARK units Which saved the transportation costs from Europe to a large extent.



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