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Nurai Island Project


Location: Abu Dhabi,UAE

Project Scale: 600 m2 in area over roof

Period: 2014/11-2015/01

Project Name: Nurai Project

Project Description

Cooperating with Globe Modular Solutions (GMS), Ark has delivered 55 modular cabins onto the island for accommodating personnel involved in administration activities on Nurai Island Resort.

There were single accommodation cabins, 2 PAX accommodation cabins, 4 PAX accommodation cabins, Ablution building, Laundry units and Kitchen & Messing building engineered and built on the sandy island, sitting on pegs.

Ark cabins are new and curious to the client. It’s the first time the client has seen such houses used, and they were satisfied with the convenience of the cabins on such a resort island.

Corresponding with the villas color and even the island nature, Ark cabins could also be considered villas on Nurai Island but built from modular structures.

There are still a lot more to be developed for Ark modular building system in the touring and resorting field.

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