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Mogadishu Hotel Project


Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

Project Scale:

Period: Nov,2017-Jan,2018

Project Name: Mogadishu Hotel Project

Project Description

This project was for a 40 rooms hotel in Mogadishu, all hot-dip galvanize coating and with a Over Head Protection Struction(OHP).



This project contains 50 x 20ft cabins, due to the high humility and salty enviro ment on site, hot-dip galvanizing has been used to get a high corrosion behavior.


Because of the political instability in Mogadishu, mortars attack and car bomb some times happen and easy to make the hotel in cirsis, the OHPs has been supplied by Ark to reduce the consequences of such attacks. The OHPs is made of heavy steel and filled with sand bags, which will be a good solution for war areas.

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