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Germany Project


Location: Munich, Germany

Project Scale:

Period: 12/2009

Project Name: Laboratories

Project Description

In 2009, ARK cooperated with a famous computer company based in Munich, Germany. We supplied 500 square meters In area modular units to be functioned as offices and laboratories. Due to the highly cold environment, we adapted the special insulation-PU for each cabin, helping the temperature inside the rooms to be kept at the degree of 20000 BTU air conditioner. All the specifications are In accordance with European standard and furthermore German standard. Not only was the insulation, our traditional flexible combination way of modular units was also highly performed and welcomed by the client.



Due to our high-quality products and considerate after-sale service, they have became one of our most loyal customers and continued to use our products as they are growing. Demonstrated through this project in Germany, exactly In Europe , Ark has become a world-class modular  house supplier and ARK products are up to the world's most stringent standard.



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