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Incredible Big Flat

4 Flatpack cabin can be combined to be one bundle, the bundle size is same as 20' ISO shipping container, It can be transported or handled by all standard equipment.

Sea Freight

With standard ISO shipping container corner casts, Ark flatpacks are easy for transportation and crane lifts during the shipment.

  • Up to 75% Freight Cost Saving
  • CSC Certificated to All Part of World
  • Obey Intermodel Standard
Inland Freight

Forklift holes are alternative on the Ark cabin beams, usually sized at 92mm x 256mm, which facilitates on-site movements of the Ark cabins, either flatpacks or container houses.

  • Standard Equipment Required
  • Standard Trunk
  • Standard Forklift
All In One Package

One flatpack consists of one roof, one floor, four corner posts, all wall panels including doors & windows panels, and all components associated in the room, which are prefabricated, packed and shipped out together and makes up one container house.

Fast Installation & Flexible Combination

Up to 50% time saving on construction over traditional building techniques. Installation of a single cabin can be undertaken by only two skilled workers.


Assembly Linking KIT of ARK Cabin
Assembly Transpack Cabin
Assembly Partition Wall

Excellent Performance

Ark cabins can be linked together to make more space both horizontally and vertically. Internal wall panels can be removed and relocated at the clients’ discretion to make flexible space.


Better insulation due to the use of green energy insulation materials and wall panel's insulated joints Certification report with ENEV2014

  • Up To Enev2014
  • 360°Insulation

Maximum 3 levels Load capacity can be 200KN/m2-500KN/m2

  • TUV Test Report

Fireproof Grade A; EI60 standard

  • Fireproof A
  • Up to REI60

Typical Case


More Applications
Flatpack L W H L W H Height
Exterior Interior
type 8'×10' 2989mm 2435mm 2610mm
2795mm 2240mm 2320mm
432mm(6 in one Bundle)
518mm(5 in one Bundle)
648mm(4 in one Bundle)
864mm(3 in one Bundle)
1296mm(2 in one Bundle)
8'×16' 4885mm 4710mm 1600
8'×20' 6055mm 5860mm 1950
8'×24' 7296mm 7140mm 2300
8'×30' 9120mm 8925mm 2550
10'×20' 6055mm 3000mm 5860mm 2800mm 2020

①:The mentioned weights are valid for standard configuration and can vary depending on configuration and equipment;
②:6 flatpacks in one bundle means there's no wall panel inside; the others depend on the configuration and equipment;
③:The width of the walkway floors can be customized, but cannot be packed in flatpacks;
④:If transported in flatpacks, one bundle will need 3 standard 20' GP shipping space.


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